Term Limits

I am against the career politicians that have been in office for decades. Some of the politicians have been in office longer than I have been alive. I believe our country should have term limits for the congress just like we do for our presidents. 


Our current administration is for open borders in America and is letting people into the country without vetting anyone entering the United States. I will advocate for secure borders and to insure a secure America. We have rules in place for people to become an American citizen I believe those rules should be maintained. 


I believe that the government should not co-parent your children. We need to keep critical race theory and sexual orientation out of schools. Teachers need to keep politics and personal opinions out of the classroom. Those are subjects that are between the child and their parents the government or school board should not be involved.

Small Business

I believe whole heartedly in entrepreneurship and in creating your own business. We need to make it easier to start businesses and more feasible for businesses to thrive in Oregon and America. I am a strong supporter of less taxes and less government involvement in small business. I will stand up for small business and entrepreneurs alike.

Big Government/Government Presence

Government has a time and place and as of late our government has been putting its nose where it does not belong. Like social issues and your individual freedoms. I will advocate for a smaller government presence in the areas where government presence is not beneficial. 

2nd Amendments Rights

We the people have feared what life would look like without our second amendment rights. Our second amendment rights were designed to aid in our protection against a tyrannical government and invasion. Without our second amendment rights how are we expected to protect and sustain our cherished households against a tyrannical government? I will advocate to sustain and protect our individual freedoms to bear arms.